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Bielenberg Sports Center is one of the most unique facilities in the twin cities offeriing a wide variety of sporting options. Located near East Ridge High School  in Woodbury, the BSC campus has recreation for both indoor and outside use. With 36 play fields on the outdoor site our spacious indoor facilites at BSC compliment the site.

the 187,000 sq. ft. newly renovated facility features two indoor ice arenas, an outdoor refrigerated rink with plenty of recreational skating , a new indoor field house with a full soccer field enclosed as a permanent building (not a dome) and space for a future grill and bar.

BSC has a great look, outstanding viewing aareas and great sightlines into the ice arenas and field house and plenty of room for meetings, gatherings etc. the facility is multi use and can host events, games, tournaments, clincs, display shows, corporate gatherings and parties. 
BSC still has room for ice or field rentals. Check our website for more information about time for sale and programs offered at
East rink (rink 2)
T: Standard / NHL Rink

The East rink at BSC has great ice and has a smaller seating capacity. BSC takes pride in offering clean indoor air with all electric ice resurfacing equipment including two ice electric zambonis and a battery powered ice edger.

The East rink is open 11 months per year and is a great compliment for tournaments and games.

L: 200.00 ft
W: 85.00 ft
S: 300

Outdoor Rink
T: Standard / NHL Rink

The Outdoor rink at BSC is desinged for recreational skating without taking time away from the local sports groups for indoor public skating.

The rink is refrigerated and groomed with a Zamboni to make for great skating. the rink has a outdoor fire pit and lighting aorund the perimeter to create a fun winter atmosphere. The rink is open whenever bSC is open for public skating. Check our web site for availalbe times.

BSC offers a full line of rental skates, expert skate sharpening and a room that can be rented for skating parties. 

L: 200.00 ft
W: 85.00 ft

West Rink (rink 1)
T: Standard / NHL Rink

The West rink at BSC is open 11 months per year.
We are a full indoor clean air facility with electric ice resufacers and battery powered ice edging equipment.

the West rink is home to main events and High school games each year along with many tournament and youth games.

L: 200.00 ft
W: 85.00 ft
S: 1100

BSC Field House
T: Field House

The new field house at BSC was the main focus of a 22M renovation in 2014. The field house offers a full soccer field with infilled turf, inside a pernament hard sided building attached as part of Bielenberg Sports Center. The 92,000 sq. ft. facility offers play for full field games like soccer, football, lacrosse etc. With 6 drop down batting cages there is plenty of space for baseball and softball practices.

the BSC field house can be used for display shows and events as well and is climate controlled for those hot summer days and cold winter nights with a geo-thermal system that operates BSC.

L: 330.00 ft
W: 210.00 ft
S: 1000

Bielenberg Sports Center is the home of Woodbury High School Royals Boys and Girls hockey. We are also the home of the East Ridge High School Girls hockey team.

other key groups include the Woodbury Area Hockey Club (WAHC) The Woodbury Figure Skating Club (WFSC) and many youth and adult groups.

The BSC field house hosts soccer and lacrosse leagues through ur local athletic associations and many other local groups who use field time for softball, baseball football and other sporting practices.

BSC offers a great senior walk/run program during the week with a trck that is nearly 1/4 mile around.